NNFX Algo Tester Help

My indicators do not show on the chart when using the visual mode. Is this normal?

By default, indicators in visual mode will appear on the chart only at the end of the test. If you want to see how the NNFX Algo Tester works step-by-step with indicators, you can place your indicators either manually or by creating and loading an MT4 template that includes them.

Pro tip: To apply the template automatically, save it as "NNFX ALGO TESTER.tpl".

Indicators included in the software will automatically appear in the chart at the end of the test if you have visual mode enabled. Custom indicators will appear if they are present in the MT4 indicator folder (MQL4/Indicators). If a custom indicator you are using does not appear at the end of the test, then you may have the "Cannot open file" error.

If you have visual mode disabled, you can still see the result on a chart by clicking the "Open Chart" button in the Strategy Tester configuration area. In this case, the indicators included in the software will only appear on the chart if they are installed on your MT4, otherwise you will see the error "Cannot open file" for these indicators, which is normal in this case and does not affect the result in any way.