NNFX Algo Tester Help

Error 902 – At least 100 history candles are required to perform the test

A 250-candle history is advised to ensure that the indicators work correctly from the start date of the test. To work correctly, all indicators require some historical data before the test start date to be present .
One year of historical data, roughly 250 candles, is usually sufficient, but 100 candles is the minimum. For example, if you have historical data since 2016/01/01 then it is advisable to not to start your backtest before 2017/01/01.

Note: This is a security measure and avoids producing incorrect test results.

To fix this error you can:

  • Select a date after the one indicated in the error as the backtest start date.

  • Install more historical data on your MT4. The simplest way to install more data is using the MT4 History Center. However this is not the best way as the installed data comes from MetaQuotes rather than a real broker.

  • An alternative is to use a program such as Tick Data Suite. This software allows you to install historical data, from real brokers, easily in MT4. For more about the Tick Data Suite, see https://nnfxalgotester.com/links-and-tools/tick-data-suite/