NNFX Algo Tester Help

Can I transfer my license to another Metatrader account?

Of course! We understand that your Metatrader account may expire or that you might want to use the software with a different Metatrader account in the future.

Whenever you want to change your Metatrader account, just fill in the form here: https://nnfxalgotester.com/software/update-license/
You will receive an email containing a confirmation link. After clicking on the link you can use the NNFX Algo Tester in your new Metatrader account.

Note that the NNFX Algo Tester license is linked to your Metatrader Account. This means you must be logged into your Metatrader account before you can activate the software. Your account can be either Live (real money) or Demo.
The software will work with any broker-provided account, or you can use a MetaQuotes Demo account, if you are not yet registered with a broker.