NNFX Algo Tester Help

How is Win Rate calculated?

The NNFX Algo Tester offers 4 calculation options for the Win Rate (WR). These options can be selected for any of the On Testers (1 to 6).

  • WR SIMPLE uses only the TP and SL hits to calculate the Win Rate value. This option is the most suitable for testing single indicators since orders that do not reach the targets (chalk-ups) do not affect the calculation.

  • WR ESTIMATED includes half of the chalk-ups in the WR calculation. This allows us to make an estimate on the weight of the orders that are closed before reaching the targets.

  • WR ALL includes all orders except those closed in "break even". Note that closed orders with a profit lower than the TP/SL are counted in the same way as the orders that hit the TP/SL.

  • WR TOTAL simply checks orders that have made a profit and orders that have made a loss. This includes orders that have been closed in "break even" (which can end with little profit or loss depending on several factors).

You can see the Win Rate formulas in the following image:

win rate formulas

Attention: The Win Rate that is shown in the Report tab is always the WR TOTAL.