NNFX Algo Tester Help

My backtest is very slow. Why is this?

If your backtest/optimization is running very slowly, check whether one of these cases applies to you:

  • Before starting the backtest/optimization did you log in? Make sure you log into the NNFX Algo Tester as soon as you open MT4. You only need to do this once each time you open MT4. (Even if you use the Demo you must login, in this case by clicking on the "Run as Demo" button.) Failing to log in makes backtesting and optimization much slower.

  • Are you using the Every Tick model by mistake? The Every Tick model requires more processing power and is much slower than the Open Prices Only model. Open the Expert properties window and make sure you haven't accidentally selected the Every Tick model.

  • Are you sure that the values of your indicators' inputs are configured correctly? Incorrect configuration of an indicator will make the test run much slower, in addition to giving incorrect results. This problem often occurs when inputs are placed in the wrong positions – for example, placing text in a numeric input or placing a number in a text input. In this case, in addition to causing the test to slow down, you will also find that several indicator windows are shown in visual mode or when you click "Open chart". If you are having problems configuring the inputs, try using Set files as a simple alternative.

Pro tip: You can see the expected times for single backtests and optimizations here.