NNFX Algo Tester Help

Which Operation Mode should I choose?

Depends on how you want to use your algorithm. Do you just want to use your Baseline? In that case it is best to use the BL SIGNAL option. Just want to use your C1 and Volume indicator together? Then choose the C1 SIGNAL operation mode and add a Volume indicator. If you want to use your entire algorithm including all the rules, then you will have to choose the FULL ALGO option.

Know more about the available Operation Modes.

In many cases you will be able to try more than one operation mode. The following table shows the recommended operation modes for each different backtest phase but you can use to live trading as well.

C1 alone X      
Baseline alone   X    
C1 + Exit Indicator
C1 + C2 X      
C1 + Volume X      
Baseline + Volume   X    
Baseline +C1 X X X  
Baseline + C1 + Volume X X X  
C1 + C2 + Volume X      
Baseline + C1 + C2 + Volume     X  
Baseline + C1 + C2 + Volume + Exit     X X
Continuation Indicator       X

Pro tip: The table above shows only the most common cases. For example the FULL ALGO mode can be used in all cases presented. And if, for example, you are testing the Baseline + C1 + C2 + Volume and you want the Baseline to work only as a filter, then you should use the C1 SIGNAL option. As you can see, there are many other possibilities and you are not limited to using certain operation modes for specific indicators.