NNFX Algo Tester Help

Setting up a Custom Baseline

The Custom Baseline option allows you to add an external indicator to your algorithm.

You can see some examples of here: https://nnfxalgotester.com/help/custom-baseline/

How the Custom Baseline option works:

  • In the above image, the baseline is indicated by the blue line. A BUY signal is created whenever the price crosses the baseline in an upward direction and a SELL signal is created whenever the price crosses in a downward direction.

  • When acting as a filter (i.e. "baseline agrees"), the baseline will accept BUY signals whenever the price is above the indicator element. And SELL signals are accepted whenever the price is below the indicator element.

Custom Baseline configuration:

In the "Indicator Parameters" section, after placing the indicator inputs, the path and name of the indicator must be added, as well as the buffer representing the Custom Baseline value. All of these parameter groups must be indicated, each group separated by a semicolon.

You can choose a Custom Baseline indicator with one or two buffers. The buffer must indicate the Forex pair price over time. If the indicator has two buffers, they must toggle the value of the Forex pair price.

The indicator should be placed in MT4's indicators folder (MQL4\Indicators).

Pro tip: Baselines can also function as C1, C2, etc. To use them like this, use one of the other custom indicator options such as SINGLE LINE SIGNAL, HISTOGRAM / COLOR, etc., depending how you want them to work.

Pro tip: To invert the operating mode, simply place a minus sign before the buffer. For example, change from "1" to "-1".